School Fundraisers

Annual Spring Clean-a-Thon

The Clean-a-Thon is an annual spring fundraiser that benefits St. Michael School directly. Students sell raffle tickets and earn prizes while giving back to their community by cleaning area parks, nursing homes, schools, churches and local businesses. The excitement begins when the theme for the year is revealed at the school wide kick-off celebration. Along with selling raffle tickets, the students learn dances around the theme and perform them for the school and community. Families gather on a Friday evening to socialize, watch dances, collect prizes and go out into the community to clean. Upon completion of cleaning, families return to school and enjoy a sock hop, pizza, treats and a carnival. Although fun is an integral part of the Clean-a-Thon, the overall goal is to build our school community by giving back to a larger community. All monies collected help to fund tuition assistance, technology, instructional resources and many special activities that happen in our school throughout the year.